President emeritus, George schaefer

In 1986, George Schaefer was the treasurer of the Faith Home Foundation and was asked to explore the possibility of allowing The Brooklyn Home For Aged Men to merge with them. He initiated the process for the two organizations to share a common board, which was approved. While the concept was accepted by the Brooklyn Home board, only Mr. Schaefer and Mr. Kenneth S. Heiberg from the Faith Home Foundation board joined the Brooklyn Home board of trustees. Over the years, Mr. Schaefer held many volunteer positions on the executive committee and served as a trustee. In 2015, Mr. Schaefer retired after 29 years of dedication and service to the board and the organization. 



1936-2009. Nancy Kay Munson was a former President of The Brooklyn Home For Aged Men and longtime trustee. She was a prominent attorney and civic leader in Huntington, Long Island and one of the earliest women graduates of Brooklyn Law School in 1967. Ms. Munson was the driving force behind creating an endowment for nursing students studying geriatric care. It is the hope of her fellow board members that the scholars will carry her legacy, tenacity, and lead the way in the field of geriatric nursing for generations to come.


Erika E. Hellstrom, MBA, President

Dr. Christopher L. Hellstrom,

Vice President

Peter W. Black,


In memory of nancy munson